Build Stuff Ukraine’20

Date: 16 — 18 November 2020
Place: Kyiv, Vadym Halich str., 6, Mercure Congress Centre
Cost: from €169

We’d like to think of tech teams as rock bands. You and your team are a huge part of Rock World now: by putting your experience and diverse skills, together you are creating a hit-record!

This year we are eager to show you that the Software world is like a Rock concert: you have a stage where you put all your knowledge, tune your electric guitar, bass, and a drum kit, finally, check your sound and perform.
Sometimes the lights, as bugs in your code, blinds you, but this is a small kick between you and your main goal — to rock it!

Here’s our 2020 playlist:
AI stuff: Big Data, Machine Learning & Quantum Computing
Cloud Stuff: Cloud & Serverless Infrastructure
Architecture Stuff: Monolithic Approach, Microservices & Distributed systems
Run Stuff: DevOps practices, Programming Methodologies & Tools
Tech Leadership Stuff: Agile, Productivity & Soft skills
Geek Stuff: IoT, Robotics
Web Stuff: UX, UI, Design
Programming Stuff: Languages & Platforms

Don’t hesitate to join any track: the more knowledge and skills you have in your arsenal — the more you’re capable of doing various tasks to make a hit record.

The goal of the Build Stuff conference is to help every dev to find a perfect sound in the World of Rock. Listen to sessions, discuss them with other bands, try new instruments, and, most importantly, share your personal experiences with other rock stars.

When? November 16-18, 2-day conference and 1-day masterclass
Where? Mercure Congress Centre, Vadym Halich str., 6

Get a Pre-Early Rock Ticket till the 1st of April and save up to €340:

And remember, the IT world is not a one-day gig. It’s a lifetime of rockin’! Learn how to tame this beast.

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